School Friendships

Research shows that children who are able to form friendships early on in school are typically happier while in school and have an increased learning ability. Children can be taught friendship behaviours and this is typically done in daycare, preschool and kindergarten. These behaviours include talking with others, smiling, offering help, sharing and learning how to enter a game.

Developing and maintaining friendships, even at a young age, is a dynamic process. If your child started school late or didn’t attend daycare it may take them longer to learn friendship skills. At some point all children will experience rejection but you should not worry as most children will bounce back and move on to form positive relationships. Like many other skills developed early in school years building friendships and learning to deal with rejection will help later on in life.

Friendships at a young age are fickle. You may find that your child has a new “best friend” every week and it could be

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