Secrets to a Happy Marriage

  • Have fun together. Relationships are a lot of work but if you have fun with your partner the work is all worth it.
  • Laugh lots. Humour is important in any relationship so laugh together and laugh at yourselves.
  • Disagreements will happen. The key is learning to get past them. Pick your battles so you’re not fighting over every little thing. Never go to bed angry. Talk things through and even if you can’t come to an agreement, agree to disagree and make up before you go to sleep.
  • Know your partner’s moods and their reactions. If you know they are already in a disagreeable mood don’t bring something up that will cause a conflict. Learn to read your partners attitude and behaviours.
  • Celebrate with your loved one, even the small stuff. Praise them for all achievements big and small and never take them for granted.
  • Take time for each other. Even when life gets busy, schedule a date night together so you can reconnect without the distraction of kids or friends.
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