Sibling Rivalry

The relationship we have with our siblings in most instances is the basis for all of our other relationships and how we make our way in the world. When children interact with their siblings they are testing and exploring the limits of social behaviour. It’s one way how children learn what to do when confronted with life’s challenges. Sibling rivalry is defined as competition between siblings for the love, affection and attention of one or both parents or for other recognition or gain. Sibling rivalry can be more noticeable and can also be more problematic when children of the same gender are close in age.

Tips for Parents
Ignoring sibling rivalry should be avoided, instead find positive ways to deal with the situation. Parents should try to treat their children individually and not compare them with each other. If one child is better behaved than another it’s best not to bring it up by comparing them. This action may intensify the bad behaviour if you tell one child that their

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