Singlehood…Improving Your Self-Image

There are times when we do feel as if nothing’s out there and that the world and all the so-called happy people are conspiring to make us feel more miserable and empty. Most of us blame our environments for our loneliness. Some blame other people. There are those that point to work, or family, even strangers. Whatever it is, we are not directing that accusing finger at ourselves, where the problems most likely lie – particularly, poor self-esteem.

But low self-worth need not be a grudging burden all our lives. There actually ARE ways to get around them and place ourselves in happier, more contented states of mind. Here are some points to consider whenever we think our love lives are not so fine and dandy.

  • Run an inventory on how you see yourself, separating your positive traits from your negative ones. Through this list, you will be able to know how you perceive yourself and how far you are willing to change some of those nasty habits you have. This is a good reminder of the many

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