Spring Allergy Prevention

At first you may think your symptoms are caused by a cold. Cold’s and allergies share a lot of the same symptoms and although the weather is getting warmer the spring isn’t quite the end of cold season. Before treating any symptoms find out what the cause is first. Treatment for allergies differs from treatment for the common cold. If you’re unsure and have not been diagnosed to have allergies, book an appointment with your Doctor to find out for sure.

Allergy symptoms typically include sneezing, sniffling, itchy eyes and throat and sinus congestion. With a cold, on the other hand, you may still have sneezing and sinus congestion but it will be combined with a fever or achiness throughout the body. Unlike a cold, allergies and the symptoms involved with allergies may cause asthma or other respiratory ailments. This is why it is important to be properly diagnosed by your Doctor.

The Cause
Most spring allergies are caused by pollen released into the air by trees, gr

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