Spring Training

It’s always good to work on hitting, throwing and fielding but you’ll get lots of practice with that during the season. Now it’s time to focus on general conditioning and fitness so your body is in better shape before focusing on the skills of the game.

Like many field sports, baseball is a game based on short sprints starting from a stationary position. You need lower body strength to build that explosion of power at the start. Working on squats and deadlifts in the gym will help to build the lower body strength needed for those quick starts. Reaction sprints are another great way to train the body and mind to think and move quickly. To work on base running use colour coded cards or signals to tell the runner either to sprint or go back. Try to avoid getting into a pattern when showing the cards or signals so the runner can’t predict what you’re going to do next.

Core strength is vital to batting so developing explosive rotational power in your core is crucial. Rotational med

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