Start up Heavy Equipment lease financing

Even though the new business owner has jobs lined up or contracts in place that will generate revenue to make the payments, that new business owner gets denied financing.

This dilemma is not necessarily limited to the start-up business owner either. Established construction businesses are discovering that their bank or finance company is declining to make that all important loan. The reason? The recent impact of the residential sub-prime loan chaos has migrated to the business community. Banks are tightening up on the micro-loans that they used to make with regularity.

So, what is the new or even the established construction business and trucking business owners do to get critically needed heavy equipment lease-financing?

A solution: Check out off-lease equipment that Lease-financing Companies have in their inventory. There are literally hundreds of pieces of quality used pieces of heavy equipment in off-lease status that are owned by heavy equipment leasing companies. This is quality

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