Stay Motivated and Fit During Fall and Winter

Get the gear

Having the right equipment for each season is important. You wear shorts and t-shirts in the summer to keep cool so make sure you have proper Fall and Winter workout clothing as well. Stock up on comfortable and moveable clothing like track pants and long-sleeve shirts. Buy new running shoes if your old ones are worn out and make sure to get weather appropriate footwear. If you like to hike or run outdoors try to find shoes that can withstand the cold and wet conditions. You may need to invest in breathable jackets that let the sweat out but still keep you warm. With new fabric technologies out there it’s easy to find good quality sportswear that will last. Having the right equipment is just the first step. Keep your gym stuff where it’s visible and accessible so you’re constantly reminded to stay active.

What next

Now that you have the proper equipment, what’s next? There are lots of fun activities to do in the colder months to keep you active and healthy. Fo

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