Strength and Conditioning Workouts for the MMA Practitioner

Core Components of a MMA Workout

There are a great many factors that are tied into a successful MMA workout. Basically, you need to enhance your physical strength levels, your endurance, and your cardiovascular conditioning. There will be cross training workouts that allow you to hit several combinations these areas at once. There are also specialization training programs designed to target a particular area and help enhance it to a greater degree.

Strength training can cover many different areas. Isometric strength can be developed in order to enhance static strength common for holding pinning or submission based positions. Developing isometric strength can entail lifting heavy weights in a slow or controlled manner as opposed to normal speed. Traditional strength training such as lifting heavy weights builds mass and makes the body stronger overall so it can perform various tasks. Those interested in seeing how a traditional free weight program works for MMA should look toward

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