Successful Resolutions – Reach Your Goal

  • Make sure you really want to keep your resolution. Make a genuine, serious goal that you want to achieve success in. Your goal should not be dictated by someone else. This is a recipe for disaster and a guaranteed failure.
  • Avoid following fads or trends, especially when dieting or trying to lose weight. Do lots of research and talk to professionals or others who have achieved long term success with a similar goal. See what worked for them but adapt the plan to fit you.
  • Have a clear purpose. Dreams do not always transfer to goals. Be reasonable about what is achievable and set a tangible goal that can be measured, ie> losing 10 pounds instead of “being thin”.
  • Focus on one resolution at a time so you can put all your energy towards succeeding at it. Break large tasks down into smaller ones and make a road map of how you will reach your goal. This will give you something to refer back to and will keep you on track.
  • Create accountability by designating a friend or family mem

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