Summer Barbeques

Marinating your meat before placing it on the grill will bring flavour and tenderness to your meat. You can make your own marinade or buy one from the store. When purchasing a marinade look for ones that are low in sodium and sugar. It’s best to marinade your meat overnight so the meat soaks up most of the marinade.

Once you’re ready to put the meat on the grill start the barbeque 5 to 10 minutes before if you’re using gas or propane or 45mins to an hour if using wood chips or coal. You want the grill to be hot but not flaming. If the barbeque is still flaming your char the outside of the meat but the inside will remain uncooked. Once the barbeque is nice and hot turn down the burner and put your meat on. Cook chicken and other white meats for at least 30 to 45mins. When you cut into the meat it should not be pink and the juices should run clear. For red meat the cooking time will vary depending on how you and your guests like it cooked.

Cooking vegetables

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