Survive High Gas Prices

Gasoline prices keep rising and just when we think they’ve reached their peak they go up again. Even when the price of crude oil goes down, the price at the pump never seems to reflect the decrease. With wages remaining stagnant and the cost of living increase we have to become smarter with our spending and try and cut our expenses if we can.There is no guarantee that the recent rise in gas prices has reached its plateau and is on the way down. It’s only a matter of time before the price of crude oil rises again to record levels. Due to the high prices demand for oil in the world has gone down a bit, as people look to alternatives. The slight decrease in demand, however, is not enough to majorly affect the cost of crude oil and in turn gas at the pumps.

The rise in gas prices has made driving in most countries a luxury. Gone are the days when people are will to go for a drive just for the sake of it. Most people in the Western World rely on their cars to get them to work. It’s not always an option to give up your car and rely on public transport. If you can’t give up your car it becomes a matter of surviving with your car. The easiest way to survive the high fuel prices is to stop taking unnecessary trips. Save your fuel for important and necessary travel.

Purchasing a car with good mileage or improving your current car’s mileage is another way to save on fuel costs. Efficient driving is the easiest way to improve your cars mileage, and it doesn’t cost you anything. Efficient driving occurs by developing careful but effective driving skills. Avoiding aggressive driving is the first step to better fuel economy. Driving your car with sudden acceleration and braking wastes a substantial amount of fuel, approximately 5 to 33%. By maintaining your speed and avoiding sudden stops and quick accelerations you’ll be surprised at how much longer a tank of gas will last.

Another way to improve the car’s gas mileage is by getting rid of accumulated excess weight. It’s very easy to fill our trucks with junk that isn’t necessary for most of your driving trips. Leaving items in your car, wiether its one heavy item or an accummulation of lighter items, creates excess wieght. The excess weight can actually reduce your car’s mileage because your car requires more power to move. The extra energy needed to creat the power comes by burning more fuel. Reducing the weight of your car by removing items that aren’t needed will use less fuel thus improving your car’s mileage.

Another way to maintain a car’s good mileage is to have it regularly checked. Cars go through wear and tear every time it’s out on the road. Over time, this could accumulate and affect the car’s mileage. One way of preventing this is by following a car’s maintenance schedule. Most dealers follow a certain maintenance schedule for their cars that keeps them running efficiently. A well maintained car will still have good mileage even after many years on the road. Regular maintenance checks will allow even an aging car run with good mileage. That can greatly help car owners survive the rising gasoline prices along the way.

Be prepared for rising gas prices and make a few small changes to help your money go a little further. It’s the best we can do to survive these tough times.

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