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Your Genetic Match

People have various interpretations of what a perfect match is. Some think it’s someone with whom they’re attracted to sexually. Some think it’s someone who makes their heart pound. Some think it’s someone they like spending time with. All of those things are true of your perfect match, but it’s a lot more than that. You’ll be compatible in a number of ways and that will make your relationship all the better. But could science help you find your perfect match?

Recently, a company stated DNA tests may help you find a match. What’s on your checklist? Tall, dark, comical, wealthy, brains or brawn? The answer to true love could be in your genes. A Genetic test claims to measure how compatible two people are by comparing their immune system genes.

Single and 35, Angie Paradiso has gone on plenty of dates and is on a mission to find her perfect match. She agreed to put it to the test with her current flame, Stewart. After a series of measures, such as level of attraction, proportion of attraction and even the probability of a successful pregnancy, Angie and Stewart scored an overall 80% in compatibility.

According to experts, our bodies feel the variations between our immune systems and other people’s immune systems, and we are naturally attracted to people with genes that vary to our own. The biological reason for that is more gene diversity ensures better resistance to disease, which is another way of saying opposites really do attract.

DNA in the human body is likened to the magnetic poles. Mutual attraction when finding a partner, and if there is a sense of compatibility, a strong attraction to each other. One study shows that females who are genetically similar to their partners reported that they were less satisfied sexually and sought more new sex partners than women who had greater dissimilarity with their partners… while another study shows that romantic love deflects attention away from potential new partners, perhaps indicating that non-genetic conditions can trump genetic ones.

That means that when we were teenagers and we said things like, “I can’t help who I like,” we were right. DNA can do more then determine who your parents are and aren’t. DNA can tell scientist who your soul mate is and isn’t? Why choose anyone? Why not revert to previous times, only now pre-arranged marriage is just a cheek swab away.

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Finding That Special Someone – Online

What was once considered a sign of desperation has now become the norm when it comes to finding love; internet dating services have come a long way. Today there are sites that cater to virtually any want or need. There are sites that are specific to certain age groups, sexual orientations, races, etc. Simply put, it’s never been easier to find someone who you are compatible with and you don’t have to waste your time going to bars and hoping for the bestAs a matter of fact, that’s how I met my spouse, online. We found each other in a chat room, started talking and one thing led to another – we’ve been together for over ten years and it’s been great.

Today the question isn’t so much about what choices you have when looking for a dating site, it’s more about how to be careful when you are online. As I said above, you can narrow your search to which dating site to use based on your personal preferences but no matter which type of site you choose you have to use common sense when you are online or things can turn out badly.

Another thing to take into consideration is the way various sites allow you to choose who you want to be matched with. Some sites will allow you pick your matches while other sites will pair you with matches based on the profiles that were provided. Each method has it’s pros and cons, just decide which way you prefer.

Find out what the payment options are. More than likely it will take some time to find ‘the one’ you don’t want to have to quit the service before you’ve meet someone special just because it’s too expensive.

No matter which site you choose to sign up with remember, that not everyone online is who they claim to be. I know that’s a no brainer but when you’re caught up in the moment it’s easy to forget. Make sure you are very careful about how much information you give out about yourself. There are scammers online, even in dating sites.

If the two of you do decide to meet in person it’s best to meet in a public place. Don’t give someone your home address and expect to be picked up. Just meet for at least the first several dates until you get to know each other better. Of course, if anyone ever asks you for money you should run away screaming, since it’s a scam and they are just trolling the dating sites to find some gullible person who they can con.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a spouse, or just someone to go out with on Saturday night, internet dating services can help speed up the process and give you a much better chance of finding someone you can click with. Just take your time finding the right type of dating site that can help you find whatever it is you’re looking for and remember to always be careful before and during the ‘get to know you’ stage. I found my wonderful spouse online and you can too, good luck!…

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Single Parenthood and Dating

Just because you are a single parent and your first priority is your child does not mean that you should forget about your needs too. We all need to feel that we are loved and that we have someone we can depend on. This is especially true for single parents who are single handedly raising their children with minimal or no support.Single parents can definitely date but they must know their priorities and have firm rein on their self-control. They must also know when something is appropriate and when something is not. They need to get ready though because the scheduling can be hard and there is also the added stress of juggling both the problems of being in a relationship (and there will be problems, I tell you! Every relationship has them.) and raising your child alone. Here are some ways to make dating easier for you.

Be honest

Right at the get go, be honest with your date and tell them that you are a single mother or a single dad. Trust me, you will be saving yourself a lot of time and heartache if you say this at the start. Some people are just not ready for a commitment with people who already have responsibilities. Remember that they will need to not only relate to you should the relationship continue, they will also need to relate to your child. It’s going to be a package deal and for some this can be pretty scary. So save yourself the waste and tell them right off.

Set the ground rules

You need to be clear about what your priorities are and it should be on your child and on no one else’s. That way, you will be in control of the situation and you know when you should rein in your actions. When the situation progresses from dating to a relationship, it is also good to be clear with the ground rules with your partner. This will minimize any discord and misunderstandings between you two. With him or her knowing where their place is, things will be a lot easier to deal with.

Involve the child later

Although it is not good to involve the child at the early stages of the dating because he or she might be exposed to potential father or mother figures that will quickly disappear as they have appeared; when things become serious, it is good to involve the child. This way you will be able to test if you all can be a family together and if your child is okay with the idea. For those who have raised their kids single handedly from the time of their baby’s birth, this should not be a problem but for those whose children experienced the attention of a father or a mother, wooing them to the idea of having another one can be a challenge.

Dating when you already have responsibilities is tough but if you play your cards right, you might end up juggling the two together well.

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Shy Guys Don’t Have to Finish Last

Shyness is something that many people experience to different degrees. Some are a little uncomfortable when it comes to meeting new people or speaking in front of a group of strangers. Other people are polar opposites and become debilitated by their shyness. Sadly, these are the men who typically never get a chance to show a woman what they have to offer because they are just too shy to even say “hello.” However, that doesn’t always have to be the case.To begin with, there are many women who simply ADORE shy men. There’s just something about a guy who is terrified to talk to women. He may be one of the greatest looking guys in the room, but he doesn’t know that. Believe it or not, that is, in and of itself, one of the hottest triggers for many women. They will locate this man with their internal heat seeking missiles and proceed to hone in on him. Most of the time, their approach is viewed with much trepidation by the object of their attention, as a truly shy man will be terrified that he’s going to have to talk.

Now, imagine his surprise when he does manage to look at the woman and see that she’s one of the most beautiful looking women in the place. Your first thought should NOT be “why is she talking to ME?” Instead, look at it as an opportunity. Obviously, she sees something she likes or she wouldn’t be standing in front of you introducing herself. Yes, you’re terrified, but please remember that SHE approached YOU and she will most likely be happy to start the conversation and maybe even carry a lot of it. However, you DO need to do your part to participate in the conversation or she’ll think you don’t like her.

If she keeps touching you lightly on the arm while talking to you, ask her to dance. Hopefully, you have learned at least how to do a decent slow dance. You’re not expected to be Fred Astaire, but it does give you an excuse to put your arms around her. This will tell you a lot about what her intentions are.
Smile a lot but don’t leer. Let her know that you’re enjoying her company. This isn’t impossible, no matter how shy you are. Again, keep in mind that SHE came to YOU. Always keep that in the front of your mind so that you can gain some confidence from it. This amazing woman found you interesting enough to walk over to you and start talking. The least you can do is talk back. It’s important that you show her you like her in an unobtrusive way.

When it comes time to part ways, if things have gone well, ask her for her phone number. By then you’ll be able to tell whether or not she’s interested enough to give you her number or not, so it’s not like you’re taking a huge gamble. Remember that she likes you and be brave….

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Long-Distance Dating

Long distance dating can be very difficult for some relationships when the couple wants to be together more often. Others enjoy long distance relationships because it gives them the time apart from each other to fully appreciate each other when they are able to be together.

Long-distance relationships don’t always last as long as short distance relationships.Many couples split up because the stress of keeping the relationship going becomes too much. In order to make the relationship work some couples find that one partner has to move to be closer to the other. This can also put stress on a relationship as that person may feel resentful for having to give up their home and possibly their career.

Couples living quite far apart will often use their vacation time from work and see each other on the holidays. It’s nice to be able to take vacation at the same time and meet in the middle or at a holiday destination. That way you can combine spending time with your partner with a mu

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Dates with your Spouse

For couples with children at any age it’s difficult to find the time to reconnect with each other. Young children need constant supervision and as they get older their lives become busier as well. When children start participating in more activities parents find themselves spending most of their lives driving kids around, cheering them on, or getting them ready for the next activity. It becomes even more difficult with two or more children as one parent usually ends up taking one child to their activity, while the other parent goes with the other child. With work commitments added to the mix parents can easily go weeks without spending any quality time together. This can put stress on even the strongest marriages.

To maintain a strong relationship couples should schedule date nights, even if it can only be done once a month. Nights out, or in, without the children or other distractions are important for adults. Dates are also a great way to break the routine and to get couples

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Double Dating

Double dating is an excellent idea if you want to meet someone new and you aren’t quite comfortable with being alone with them yet. You can invite a couple you know to come along too.

This allows for you to be around people you are
comfortable with while you are getting to know your
date. Some people like to go on a double date first so
they are not so nervous on the first date.

Going on a double date also gives your date the
opportunity to get to know you through your friends.

It might be a good idea to invite a couple that will
say good things about you if you really like your date
and you want to see them again.

Your date can get a good idea with the type of person
you are by who you are hanging out with and the things
they say about you.

It is a really good way to get another perspective on
the person you are going out with or if you want your
date to know more about you.

Double dating provides a comfortable experience when
you don’t want to go out with

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See More on a Blind Date

Online dating, social networking, web chat and texting have taken away from the excitement and anticipation of meeting someone for the first time face to face. All this new technology that’s meant to bring us together seems to be keeping people apart for longer. It’s very difficult to make a true connection with someone when there is a lack of personal interaction where you can read body language and feel true chemistry.

If you’re interested in meeting people and want that real connection re-think the blind date. These simple tips will make your blind date successful whether it leads to a relationship or not.

  • Get friends or co-workers to set you up with someone. You’ll be able to find out more about the person beforehand and you already have a common connection in the person who set you up. Plus it’s safer to meet with someone through a friend than meeting with a stranger you found online.
  • Always meet in a public place and tell a friend or family member where you are meeting an

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