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Technological Benefits of Equipment Leasing.Technology provides a needed and powerful edge in business

Technology provides a needed and powerful edge in business; the following points examine those benefits and let you decide how these benefits provide you with the needed edge in business. An equipment leasing arrangement provides you the edge you need without running the expensive costs associated with purchasing state-of-the-art equipment.

Wider Options, Lesser Costs – With an equipment leasing arrangement you are free to select your choice of equipment without paying the full price. This advantage also comes with the fact that most business equipment leasing companies will often handle everything from the maintenance to the deployment of their equipment. Your company can save the costs associated with the equipment as the leasing company usually gets price cuts on equipment and related services since they buy in bulk.

State-Of-The-Art Equipment – When a commercial equipment leasing company provides your business with equipment they provide the best. They do this because unlike your

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Equipment lease Tips for the credit challenged

Equipment Lease Tips for the Credit Challenged

Are you a business owner trying to find practical ways to finance your business?  If yes, then you must consider business equipment lease financing.  When compared to business loans, applying for an equipment lease is generally easier and the application process, faster than loans.

What do you need to get approved for an equipment lease?  Many leasing companies require the submission of the following documents: financial statements, tax returns, business plan and lease proposal.  Credit history is another major factor to get a lease.  Of course, if you can show good or excellent credit, a lessor will be more confident in your ability to keep up with your lease payments.

Nevertheless, if you have a history bad credit, it is possible to get the equipment lease financing you need.  In this article, let us talk about the steps that you can do to be able to acquire a lease despite having bad credit.

Leasing Programs For The Credit Challe

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Getting capital for tanning beds isn’t what it used to be

Getting capital for new tanning equipment is more difficult than in the past because of how tight the credit markets have gotten as well as how much the tanning industry has suffered. These two in combination have it important to understand all the different options available to you. If you have the ability you can always obtain new equipment the old fashioned way by paying cash. This is usually not the best option though as it uses up cash reserves for no reason. If you have good credit or available collateral you can obtain 0% financing and have the cash flow of your business pay for new tanning booths over time. These expenses can be written off as an expense which will also help you come tax time.

First Possibility: Leasing

  • Two most common options:
  • Ten percent buyout
  • The $1 buyout

Ten percent buyout – Choose a number of months to pay the tanning bed off in. Standard lengths are thirty-six, forty-eight, and sixty months. At the end of the lease you must pay ten percent o

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Joint ventures with equipment vendors

Economic recovery is real, but risks remain

Q. What is the status of the global economic recovery? I believe the global economic recovery is real. There is strong momentum in Asia and in other emerging markets around the world. However, in the case of the developed world, it does look like the recoveries are quite fragile and tentative. Canada is in a different situation than the rest of the developed world. Our economy went through a significant decline and has since rebounded. It has recouped almost all the output it lost during the last recession, and almost all the jobs it lost. But the economy will slow down from here.

EQUIPMENT VENDORS – are you interested in running your own equipment lease portfolio for equipment you sell? That is to say you make the credit decisions, you do the lease documents, you take the risk and your company realizes the upside profit margins inherent in the loans? All using our money. As we head into the next 10 years of stability it makes

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Start up Heavy Equipment lease financing

Even though the new business owner has jobs lined up or contracts in place that will generate revenue to make the payments, that new business owner gets denied financing.

This dilemma is not necessarily limited to the start-up business owner either. Established construction businesses are discovering that their bank or finance company is declining to make that all important loan. The reason? The recent impact of the residential sub-prime loan chaos has migrated to the business community. Banks are tightening up on the micro-loans that they used to make with regularity.

So, what is the new or even the established construction business and trucking business owners do to get critically needed heavy equipment lease-financing?

A solution: Check out off-lease equipment that Lease-financing Companies have in their inventory. There are literally hundreds of pieces of quality used pieces of heavy equipment in off-lease status that are owned by heavy equipment leasing companies. This is quality

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How Does Fitness Equipment Leasing Work?

There are varying types of fitness equipment leasing plans. Some, such as the fair market value (FMV) plan, offer flexible terms with lower monthly payments. Fair market value usually provides options at the end of a lease term, including purchase, lease extension, or lease termination and equipment return. The $1 buy-out plan is an option for those with definite intent to purchase. While payments are usually higher than other plans, at the end of the lease term lessees can buy the equipment for $1 Dollar.

Another common type of leasing plan offers mid-range payments and terms that fall between the FMV and the $1 buy-out plan. This type of plan typically allows the option to either buy or return the equipment at the end of the fitness equipment leasing plan. Purchase price is set at a fixed percentage of initial equipment cost, usually 10-12% of the equipment cost or amount financed. Individual fitness equipment retailers may also have unique plans specific to their business model

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Why equipment lease rates aren’t important

How can equipment lease rates in Canada not be the most important part of your equipment leasing in Canada acquisition strategy? That’s what clients want to know when we advise them the while an overall competitive leasing rate is important they must not miss the several other factors that play a huge part in making the proper lease financing decision.

Leasing in Canada has of course been around for many decades, we venture to say at least back to the 1950’s, if not older than that. As a Canadian business owner and financial manager you recognize that it is clearly one of the most viable methods of acquiring assets for profit and sales growth Profit through use is one of the buzzwords of equipment leasing in Canada.

The key thing you quickly realize about lease financing in Canada is that it encompasses all types of assets – from heavy industrial equipment, used equipment of all types, and of course technology such as computers and telecom equipment, etc . The reality is, and this is

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A Practical Look at Bundling Transactions: Let’s Bundle in the Jungle

A continuing trend in the leasing industry has been to combine or “bundle” maintenance and other soft costs with equipment in an equipment lease. Lessees have found such arrangements to be a practical, efficient, comprehensive solution to their needs, as the lessor would be financing all the goods and services necessary to operate the leased equipment.

Bundled leases are being used in all aspects of the marketplace. They are not simply limited to large-ticket technology deals. Examples of bundled leases range from leasing high-end, sophisticated medical equipment (inclusive of all software licenses, training, maintenance, and/or other supplies necessary to operate the equipment during the lease term) to a small-ticket, basic photocopier with maintenance for the term of the lease.

Bundled transactions are often required by the vendor and manufacturer in an effort to create “one payment” packages for both the equipment and services, perhaps to discount a prepaid maintenance agreement,

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Pros and Cons of leasing

Just as with leasing a car, there are pros and cons for leasing equipment in manufacturing. To do so is certainly not in everyone’s best interest but for those who find themselves in certain situations it could make a world of difference as far as the prosperity of their business is concerned. Also keep in mind that renting may also be an option for getting the equipment that you need if leasing is not an option that is available to you. Below you will find a brief look at the advantages and disadvantages of equipment leasing for manufacturing so that you can make the equipment decisions that are best for your operations.

The pros of leasing or renting equipment:

  • There are definite advantages to getting the equipment that you need without having to pay the full cost of the product up-front. Borrowing money or using what could be limited amounts of liquid assets could mean a lot of trouble for your company if making those payments or needing to use liquid assets eve

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Operating VS Capital lease

Many a company will need to decide whether it wishes to lease the equipment in the form of a capital lease ( $10.00 buyout), or use an operating lease (10% buyout); they also should know the difference between these two forms of financing. There are a number of differences involved when considering either form, particularly how the leased asset is accounted for. One must consider the company’s credit rating, how long the equipment is going to last, and when it will become obsolete. Taking into consideration all of these factors should help in deciding the better option for each company.

While accounting with an operating lease, it will be treated as an out and out expense and will find mention in the income statement and it will not impact the ratio of debt to worth, or any other balance sheet ratios that will have any significant impact on the creditworthiness of your company or business. As a long term option, your business may end up paying more for this form of lease rather tha

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