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Winning – As many of you know we love the correlation of success in sports and success in life and how closely connected they are.

We wanted to take this opportunity to say Thank You for your time this past year. We know how precious a commodity time is and that’s why we take equipment leasing so seriously. Our goal is to provide you and your customers with easy well- priced financing and we hope we have done that.

Have you ever heard this? “It isn’t whether you win or lose. It is how you play the game.” I am sure you have. But do you know who said it? Some guy who came in second place!

You see, I have a problem with that statement. It presupposes, or at least strongly suggests, that winning and playing the game “right” are mutually exclusive propositions. Perhaps we ought to have this as our goal as we pursue success: We want to win, while playing the game right! I totally disagree with the statement that we should win at all costs. Instead, we should do everything good that we can to win at this game we call life. And we ought to also do all that we can to help others win.

With all of that… here are some thoughts on being in the game—to win!

Any “game” worth playing is a game worth pursuing a win in. If I get into a game, I play to win. What nobility is there in playing like a slacker? What virtue is purposeful mediocrity? None! I live my life to be a winner—spiritually, financially, physically, emotionally, relationally—every area of my life! If it is worth doing, it is worth playing for the win!

It is good to win. We live in an age now where people have reacted to sore winners by saying that we shouldn’t strive for winning. Many of our schools have abandoned the idea of competition, and our educational scores show that. Kudos to all of the teachers out there who still tell their kids that they can be winners! It is good and noble to win! It is something to strive for. It is good to push ourselves, to stretch and reach for victory. It is a grand thing to want to win!

There doesn’t have to be a loser in life. Yes, in teamed competition, there are always losers (but more on that in a bit), but in life, we can all win! We can all strive for the best and give it our all to win.

Winners are the ones who move families, businesses, organizations, cities and countries ahead. Winners are the ones who push progress. You don’t think that couch potato is the one who will cure cancer or open up the next great technology do you? No. It will be a person who has chosen to be a winner!

Losing can mean winning. Just because your score in a game or contest is the least at the end of the game doesn’t mean all is lost. You can still be a winner in that you gave it your all, you competed at your highest level, you learned new skills and strategies, and you became a better player and person. That is winning in my book!

Winners help others win. That is right, good people, people who pursue winning by excellence, are also people who stop to help others so that they, too, can enjoy the spoils of victory. Pursue the win, but help others achieve all that they can as well!

Winners make everyone better. When I get into athletic matches I want to play against the best. Yes, I may come up short in the score, but I will be better because that winner will make me grow in every area of my game! Winners stretch the losers so they can become winners too! Thanks Chris Widener.

Heavy Construction Equipment Leasing- Advantages and Finance Options. To keep money free up in terms of the company’s line of credit….

Equipment leasing is a simple solution to grow your business with an ever changing economy. You can lease any and every type of equipment. In this article, emphasis will be on heavy construction equipment leasing.

To keep money free up in terms of the company’s line of credit, leasing is cheapest and best option for construction companies. So cash will be available in case of financial emergency or any other time of need. It is the most beneficial managerial and financial strategy to conserve working capital for any company. It resolves issues related to cyclical and seasonal fluctuations by slotting your payments into the months when your business’ sales are on peak. Furthermore, a lot of companies in construction opt for leasing as a good alternative in acquiring equipment to buying. There are advantages of heavy construction equipment leasing, which are:-

1.Your have a stable cash flow.
2.Assets are well managed.
3.Up gradation of Equipments can be done easily.
4.Customized payment

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5 steps to negotiate your next business equipment lease.

5 Steps to Negotiate Your Business Equipment Lease

Loaning money is becoming more and more difficult. Small businesses seeking finances are seeing how difficult it is becoming and the increased requirements just to get credit checked. Lenders are taking a much harder and closer look at which businesses they will finance. In the information below you will find five steps to negotiate your business equipment lease and what every owner should consider when applying for a lease.

Step 1: Know the difference between want and need
For business owners, big and small, it is important to understand what your company needs to be effective and continue to grow capital. And for start-up businesses it is essential to understand what your company needs versus what you want. Create a budget based on that need and look at what you will need in order to fund and/or finance that need. By keeping in mind the “needs” of your company, you will keep yourself from financing the unnecessary equipment.


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Equipment Leasing Blunders That Can Cost Your Firm a Mint

Equipment Leasing Blunders That Can Cost Your Firm a Mint

Rod McHenry, the financial vice president of a document imaging company, thought he had great cause for celebrating. He had signed an unbelievable $370,000 lease proposal covering computer servers, workstations, software and other networking equipment. McHenry believed he had snared an incredible lease rate, capping off weeks of negotiating an acceptable equipment price with the equipment vendor. The proposal guaranteed a lease closing and offered a return of the 2% ‘commitment fee’ paid by McHenry’s company if the leasing company failed to give credit approval within two weeks. Little did McHenry know that signing this proposal would lead his company into the ‘Twilight Zone’ of equipment leasing. Ultimately, his firm would fork out more than $15,000 in legal fees seeking lessor performance, only to learn that the lessor was already insolvent and mired in several similar lawsuits.

Like McHenry’s employer, thousands of U.

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Should I lease a car through my business or personally?

Should I lease a car through my business or personally? As a business owner or Company Director wanting to lease a car for yourself, you have the choice of either Business Contract or Personal Car Leasing. In other words, you could lease your car through the business or lease it in your personal name, and each option has its own implications, benefits and disadvantages.

Business Car Leasing or Personal Car Leasing – a question of tax. The main thing to consider when you’re thinking about whether to lease a car through your business or personally is the tax situation. If you lease a car through your business, you will have to pay Company Car Tax (or Benefit In Kind Tax as it is also known), as some of your mileage will be classed as for personal use. There is also the Car Fuel Benefit charge to take into consideration if the company pays for your personal fuel.

However, leasing a car through a business has real advantages for the company, which is why most companies still lease the

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How Does Fitness Equipment Leasing Work?

There are varying types of fitness equipment leasing plans. Some, such as the fair market value (FMV) plan, offer flexible terms with lower monthly payments. Fair market value usually provides options at the end of a lease term, including purchase, lease extension, or lease termination and equipment return. The $1 buy-out plan is an option for those with definite intent to purchase. While payments are usually higher than other plans, at the end of the lease term lessees can buy the equipment for $1 Dollar.

Another common type of leasing plan offers mid-range payments and terms that fall between the FMV and the $1 buy-out plan. This type of plan typically allows the option to either buy or return the equipment at the end of the fitness equipment leasing plan. Purchase price is set at a fixed percentage of initial equipment cost, usually 10-12% of the equipment cost or amount financed. Individual fitness equipment retailers may also have unique plans specific to their business model

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A Business equipment lease can help you get started in Business

Business equipment lease products can save you time, money and the worry of knowing when to replace outdated machinery. The leasing business is growing because of the greater need for equipment and the larger range of products which businesses need. The traditional heavy machinery still forms a large part of business equipment leasing, but there are many other items which are now routinely leased. Virtually every business has a need for information technology equipment, and this is constantly changing and being improved. Leasing computers allows you to keep up with developments, and will save you time and money in the long run.

As well as heavy industrial machinery and computers, vehicles are also routinely leased. This happens most often where the vehicles form the core part of the business and are actually used in delivering the product or service to the customer. The business will usually need a fleet of vehicles, and will not want the initial capital outlay of bu

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A Practical Look at Bundling Transactions: Let’s Bundle in the Jungle

A continuing trend in the leasing industry has been to combine or “bundle” maintenance and other soft costs with equipment in an equipment lease. Lessees have found such arrangements to be a practical, efficient, comprehensive solution to their needs, as the lessor would be financing all the goods and services necessary to operate the leased equipment.

Bundled leases are being used in all aspects of the marketplace. They are not simply limited to large-ticket technology deals. Examples of bundled leases range from leasing high-end, sophisticated medical equipment (inclusive of all software licenses, training, maintenance, and/or other supplies necessary to operate the equipment during the lease term) to a small-ticket, basic photocopier with maintenance for the term of the lease.

Bundled transactions are often required by the vendor and manufacturer in an effort to create “one payment” packages for both the equipment and services, perhaps to discount a prepaid maintenance agreement,

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Leasing as an alternative to buying

Equipment leasing is an option that allows companies to acquire everything from restaurant equipment to corporate aircrafts without the initial outlay of cash.

The basic concept of leasing is the borrowing of equipment over time in exchange for money through a long-term capital investment (renting to own over a period of five to seven years) or a short-term operating lease (the option to purchase or return the asset at the end of the contract period).

There are many advantages to leasing equipment:

  • Financing: The option to use equipment-leasing companies can allow startup and expanding companies to purchase or borrow new and used equipment without the initial cash output, often allowing 100 percent financing, where the loan method may require a deposit of up to 25 percent.
  • Credit: In the current economic climate, cash flow can be tight and companies can find it difficult to obtain bank loans for equipment. According to the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association, credit standa

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Pros and Cons of leasing

Just as with leasing a car, there are pros and cons for leasing equipment in manufacturing. To do so is certainly not in everyone’s best interest but for those who find themselves in certain situations it could make a world of difference as far as the prosperity of their business is concerned. Also keep in mind that renting may also be an option for getting the equipment that you need if leasing is not an option that is available to you. Below you will find a brief look at the advantages and disadvantages of equipment leasing for manufacturing so that you can make the equipment decisions that are best for your operations.

The pros of leasing or renting equipment:

  • There are definite advantages to getting the equipment that you need without having to pay the full cost of the product up-front. Borrowing money or using what could be limited amounts of liquid assets could mean a lot of trouble for your company if making those payments or needing to use liquid assets eve

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