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The Link Between Weight and Breast Cancer

Obesity and being overweight has been attributed as the cause of many diseases and body disorders in numerous medical studies. Diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer are some of the many dangers of being overweight. Concentrating on the latter This article’s aim is to look at how being obese can affect breast cancer in woman – if it has any affect at all. It’s important to remember that weight can affect woman differently depending on their age. Pre and post menopause plays a role due to the hormones present in the body.

Before a woman reaches menopause, the female hormone estrogen is produced in the ovaries. Post menopause however, the woman is no longer releasing eggs via the ovaries, and so estrogen levels are lower. The body has to compensate to this change and does so in the form of an enzyme called aromatase. Aromatase can be found in fat cells and can efficiently convert androgens (another hormone) into estrogen. The More fat someone carries, the more aromatase they have, which leads to more androgens being converted into estrogen. This spike in estrogen is a main cause in breast cancer and would explain why post menopausal woman who are obese are more susceptible to breast cancer.

A medical study conducted on weight gain and breast cancer, the largest of its kind, concluded that women who added twenty or more pounds after entering adulthood had in excess of fifteen percent, and in some cases as high as forty-five percent higher risk of breast cancer after their menopause. This was of course compared to women who gained none or little weight. The figure however at getting breast cancer from gaining weight after menopause was significantly lower at only eighteen percent chance.

It’s not all hormones and weight gain however, as body shape can play a huge part when it comes to breast cancer. “Apple” shaped women, typically defined as woman who put weight around their mid section, are at small increased risk of breast cancer, compared to woman who are labelled as “pear shaped”. Pear shaped women are typically defined as women who add weight around their thighs and hips.

As mentioned in our introduction, obesity and being overweight carries numerous risks and dangers to your body, not just breast cancer; and so it is important to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. A good diet and regular exercise is key to leading a happy and healthy life.

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Help Your Overweight Teen

Teaching teens the importance of proper eating habits, nutrition, and physical activity is the first step in addressing an overweight problem.
By helping them become more selective with the types of food that they consume, and increasing the amount of physical activity that they accomplish, it will only produce positive results.However, it should be stressed that formal dieting, especially giving your child a severely restricted diet, should only be attempted with medical approval and the appropriate nutritional supervision. Many pediatricians believe the best course is to hold an overweight child’s weight at a steady level, and avoid losing large amounts of weight at a time. When their height is at a healthier proportion to their weight, then a dietary regime may be started.

The following 4 steps will help to facilitate healthier eating habits, and increase the amount of physical activity your teen does.

  1. Assessing the Health of Your Child

    Before you make any personal or environmental changes in your teen’s life, take a few minutes to survey what your home life is like. Do you allow them to lead a sedentary lifestyle? Are they given plenty of chances to over eat at any time? If they are, it’s important that you introduce changes in to these areas of their life gradually.

    First, look at just how many hours your teen spends either watching TV, or sitting at their computer. A teen can spend up to 24 hours a week watching TV. Log any time that they spend doing either, watching TV or on the computer, and try to reduce this by half.

    When you have meals, does your family gather around a table, or do you eat most of your meals sitting in front of the TV or computer? Make it a family rule that, all food (including snacks) will be eaten in the kitchen or in the dining room at a table. This one small change has been shown to significantly reduce the amount of over eating that takes place at home.

    Next, you will need to take a close look at your fridge and pantry. Which foods do you have that you are most likely to eat when hunger hits? If the foods are high in fat, sweetened or low in nutritional value, then find healthier alternatives, such as fresh fruit and vegetables.

  2. Do Not Shame your Child into Losing Weight

    Neither adults nor children can be shamed into losing weight, and an overweight teen will know that they weigh too much. What a teen doesn’t know, is how they can achieve a normal weight, as well as increase their self esteem. Teens like to know that their parents love them unconditionally, whether they are overwieght, underweight or at the right weight.

    For any parent, mastering the fine art of loving your child just the way they are, while helping them to achieve a healthier body can be difficult. Any parent must learn to “give time” and believe that the lessons we teach, will one day come to fruition.

    This means we can teach our youngsters to visualize a healthy meal, one that is half salad or vegetables, a quarter starches and the remainder protein such as fish, meat, poultry or soy. But you also know that at some point, they will sneak either sweets or cookies, and upset the balance that you have achieved.

    A parent can persist in teaching their teens to see their plate before any food is put on it. This is helpful, as it creates a sense of portion control that is helpful when the parent is not around. This portion control can also be practiced when visiting a restaurant as well.

  3. Physical Activity as a Family

    Physical activity should be practiced several times a week. The recommended amount of physical activity for an adult is 30 minutes. For children it’s 60 minutes. However, if you are trying to lose weight, more physical activity may be necessary.

    A great way of breaking the pattern is to arrange activities that involve plenty of movement for the whole family. These types of activities burn calories, and serve as a setting for parent and child communication. It is especially important in a teen’s life, since opportunities to interact with your teen are at a premium.

    There is little or no financial cost involved in going for a walk or a bike ride. Many communities now have swimming pools which do not cost too much to use. Just taking the family dog for a walk in the evening will help to increase the family’s metabolism.

  4. How to encourage the right sort of behavior in your teen

    The best way to help an overweight or obese teen is through your own behavior. Too often, teens will do as an adult does, rather than what we tell them.

    No parent can ask their child to turn off the TV when they are watching it in another room, or to stop using the computer when they are spending hours themselves surfing the net. Nor should they restrict the portions of food they eat, when they do not watch what they are eating. Why would any child want to drink water or munch on fruit or vegetables, when they see the adults around them drinking sugar laden soda or having a bag of potato chips?

When looking to lead a healthier life style, it should be done one day at a time, and the end result will be well worth the effort….

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Obese and Overwhelmed

When someone is obese weight loss can seem like Mt Everest. Weight loss exercises and weight loss diet plans are amongst the best ways to lose weight naturally without any side effects. There are specific weight loss exercises designed for the obese which will ease you into fitness and will be less intimidating. If followed with dedication, they can provide lasting results to your healthExercising on a daily basis is a must, especially if you are tied to a 9 to 5 job that requires you to be glued to your workstation all day. A sedentary lifestyle is bound to make you gain those extra unwanted pounds. Everyone should find some time to exercise on a daily basis if they are looking to stay fit and healthy and to avoid accumulation of unwanted body fat. If you are already obese and have never exercised before this may seem like a daunting task.

The simplest of all weight loss exercises is walking. Walking can be done by anyone and doesn’t require any equipment. Even someone who is overweight or obese can walk a short distance and if exercise has not been done before the simple act of walking can make a big difference. It will kick start your weight loss. If a walk around the block is too much start smaller by going to the end of the driveway and back, then the end of the road. Eventually you will build up your endourance to walk further and as the pounds come off it will be easier.

Walking is a great low impact exercise for everyone. Morning walks are a great way to stay fit and shed those extra pounds. If you are unable to walk in the morning, try to take the stairs instead of the elevator, walk to the store instead of driving. To get the most from walking go for regular walks at least 5 days a week.

Once you feel comfortable with walking, incorporate some other cardio vascular exercises in your daily work out regime. These would ideally include jogging, running, push ups, sit ups or even cycling. If your body permits, you can even go in for aerobics or dance classes. Not only are they enjoyable, but they are also a great way to shed off your extra pounds in a jiffy. The sweat generated from cardiovascular exercises is what paves the way for immediate weight loss. Try these rigorous exercises for just a week and you will see the difference.

You can even go for weight loss yoga sessions under the guidance of your physical trainer. There are specific yoga postures that help you lose weight if done on a regular basis. These simple exercises don’t need large scale financial investment and can be done at your gym or at home. When you have a weight loss mountain to climb start small and eventually you’ll reach the peak….

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