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How To Keep an Audience

To highlight the occasion, be it award ceremonies, conventions, fund raisers, homecomings, etc., guest speakers are usually invited. Guest speakers are often chosen because of their accomplishments and popularity. Their job is to make the event more interesting and sometimes they’re even invited to draw in a larger crowd.In order to be successful and impart a lasting image in the eyes of the audience, a speaker must find out the techniques and methods to keep the audience’s attention. The following are a few methods you can count on:

  1. Always speak in enthusiastic tone and remember to keep your voice clear, crisp and comprehensible. Try not to stumble in your speech or mumble.
  2. The speech you make should be relevant to the event at which you are speaking. Speak about what has brought the audience to the event. There will always be a common interest with the audience.
  3. Many speakers prefer a list of subjects they want to discuss instead of preparing, memorizing and rehearsing the whole speech word for word. An impulsive speech aligned on the subjects listed is projected more naturally. You can also play off the crowd better if you’re not working through a memorized speech.
  4. To keep the audience attentive and at tentor hooks, inject humor into your speech. Keep in mind that the humor should be clean, decent and appropriate to avoid embarrassing yourself or others.
  5. The best way to raise an issue is by citing examples and instances. Clearly associate the example and the issue so as to make the audience understand better.
  6. If you are to make a speech in a gathering that has been organized to save an industry or boost the morale of those associated with it either directly or indirectly, try and deliver a stimulating and motivating speech. To turn the mood from depressing to enthusiastic one, include some inspirational words and positive thoughts that will project a bright and happy tomorrow.
  7. Your speech may sound more of a discussion if you involve the audience but in one it will confirm the importance of what you are saying and offering.
  8. The best way to wrap up your speech is by leaving a lasting and meaningful message for the audience to ponder.

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Success In Public Speaking

1. Public Speaking Improves Your Personal Development

In Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, realizing man’s self-worth ranks the highest. Giving speeches helps the speaker realize self-worth through the personal satisfaction he experiences whenever a good speech is given. The speaker becomes more confident especially when the audience responds positively. It also reduces anxiety when asked by an authority to speak in front of some people.

There was once a student who dropped a course five times because he hated speaking in front of the class. But after a self-study on building up confidence, he decided to give public speaking a try and was successful. In fact, he came to enjoy the experience and even volunteered to give more speeches.

Through public speaking tools like research, conceptualization, and organization, you have a systematic and effective way of presenting your ideas; and thus, you will be able to express yourself better. You will also become more open to other p

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