Talk Back

Our bodies speak to us in a variety of ways. A nagging headache or upset stomach can sometimes be the body’s way of expressing internal tension, stress or anxiety. Through the use of various monitoring equipment, biofeedback reestablishes the connection between the mind and the body, putting these indissoluble partners back on speaking terms.

“Biofeedback is a psychotherapeutic and performance enhancement technique that teaches mind-body regulation through the observation and shaping of one’s psychophysiological responses in a direction associated with optimum functioning. For example, by learning to manipulate one’s brain waves, breathing or other measures (e.g., temperature, blood pressure, muscle tension) based on visual and/or auditory feedback an individual can achieve better self-regulation and mental and motor performance,” offers Dr. Roland A. Carlstedt, sport psychologist, chairman of the American Board of Sport Psychology (www.americanboardofsportpsychology.organd author

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