The No-diet Diet

Be cautious when choosing a weight loss plan to help lose the pounds you gained over the holidays. Thinking extreme is the worst way to lose the holiday weight and following fad diets and quick fix methods can cause serious health problems. Remember, the faster you lose the weight the easier it is to put it (and more) back on. Instead of thinking diet think of healthy eating and healthy living. There are three major problems with the conventional “diet”:

  1. by cutting certain food items out of your eating your create cravings that are hard to surpress and ultimately lead to failure.
  2. you won’t cut out food or calories forever, so as soon as they are re-introduced you will gain the weight back.
  3. diets don’t take your lifestyle into account and just cutting calories or food groups may be harmful depending on how active you are.

The Non-diet Diet

The word Diet is synonymous with nutrition and actually means the sum of the food consumed by an organism or group. These days the word

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