We often picture athletes as trim people clad in sporty get-ups, feet fitted with the latest running shoes, and under strict training for an upcoming sports event. Without these things, we hardly think of anyone as an “athlete.”

There are athletes called “athletic players” who fit the first definition-trim guys in sporty get-ups sponsored by big-time companies. They are out there to win and would do all to win. Though champions, most of them are not yet mature enough to understand why they are athletes. They just know that they are supposed to win a competition, so they must be fit.

There is a unique breed of athletes who we ought to know about and should try to emulate. They are the “ace athletes,” and becoming one is the measure of true success in sports.

A real or ace athlete is not only athletic; his life revolves around sports. Though in and out of formal training for official events, he is always in self-training. Once an ace athlete, always an ace athlete; a real call

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