Thinking and the Brain- Natural Healing


There are quite a few methods that are concerned with helping people to form the correct mind-set and understanding of life that will help them overcome their difficulties. This may sound like traditional psychotherapy, but their worldview is often quite different because they accept the idea that our thinking actually influences our environment.

Some of these are: NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), the Sedona method, Heart Math, the Law of Attraction, Creative Visualization, Affirmations, Hoponopono and methods based on the resolution of polarities, such as the PEAT Method and John Demartini’s Breakthrough Experience.

Centering techniques

Relaxation – there are quite a few techniques to help people relax, and the benefits of relaxation are tremendous.

Hypnosis – uses the relaxed condition to give people positive suggestions.

Meditation – aims to quiet the mind by stopping its ceaseless inner chattering for a while – easier said than done!

Yoga, Chi-Gong, Tai

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