To Detox or Not to Detox

Store Bought Detox

There are many chemical or supplement detox programs on the market but be careful with what you get but there are no government regulations on what is sold in the health food market and very few tests or trials have been done on these types of products. Before trying any of these programs ask around, do your research and consult your physician.

Natural Detox

Natural detox programs are the more healthy and safe option to cleanse the body. Natural programs involved cutting out processed food and junk food to prevent the entry of toxins into the system before the cleanse. Cleansing can be done a number of ways so find the one that’s right for you. If you are not prepared to fast or cut food out of your diet then focus on a diet of vegetables, fruit and herbs to eliminate toxins from the body. Remember to drink lots of water to flush out the body and green tea for its antioxidants. Try a raw food diet. It’s a great way to cleanse but you won’t be starving your

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