Train Your Brain to be More Efficient

The average human brain, while it works all the time, functions at a very low level, unless stimulated and trained. Training your brain to operate at peak efficiency increases your productivity, aids your ability to learn new information, and even stirs the creative juices. While it is a myth that people use only ten percent of their brain capacity, it is true that most people’s brains are not functioning at peak efficiency. However, you can change that and train your brain to be more retentive, more creative, and more productive.

Too often, people, when faced with a problem, slip into confusion and frustration. Once they learn how to train their brains, the ability to switch to logic and clarity becomes second nature. Your brain is capable of intense concentration; you simply need to hone the ability to focus on a problem. The great thinkers of our society have learned this secret. Once learned, you will not fall into the emotional trap of confusion and frustration anymore, and you’l

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