Understanding Karma

So, based on the law of karma, when we perform an act that is intentional, we reap the results or effect, either good or bad. Therefore, if we perform an act of kindness, the effect or result will be some kind of kindness.

There are times when you think of something you want, but you may not get what you want right away. This is because the universe does not know whether your thoughts are for good or for bad. So the universe may take time to figure it out first, then deliver what it thinks is closest to what you were thinking. But until the universe responds, the immediate cause (thought) could be either wholesome or unwholesome. The person will not know till the end result is accomplished.

According to karma, there are three doors of action. These three doors are body, speech, and mind. If we break these down into groups, we have three unwholesome actions we must avoid for each group. When we start with body, the three actions we must avoid are killing, stealing, and sexual misc

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