Vegetables vs Meat

Vegan Diets
A vegan is someone who avoids all meat and meat by products focusing their entire diet on vegetarian foods. However, unlike vegetarians, vegans will also avoid dairy, eggs, honey and won’t wear leather. Thought to be quite healthy, the vegan diet consists only of fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains and bean. Even though the diet is mostly healthy it is important to consider a balanced diet and ensure that you are giving your body everything it needs including the right amount of protein. Without eating meat regularly you’ll need to get your protein from other sources. High protein grains include quinoa and amaranth but you can also get protein from tofu and lentils. Calcium may also be lacking in vegan diets but can be obtained through eating leafy greens, legumes and soy.

If you are just starting out on a vegetarian or vegan diet buy a good cook book or go online to get some recipes. Don’t start blind or try to make up a meal plan. You will soon get bored and

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