Vitamin D: Are You Getting Enough?

It’s important for both men and women to learn about Vitamin D and the benefit it has on the functioning of our bodies. It’s also important to know the truths about Vitamin D sources and how we obtain the right levels in our system.

Vitamin D isn’t the same as other vitamins. It isn’t just one vitamin but a grouping of nutritional vitamins and acts more like a hormonal agent. The two most important forms of Vitamin D are D3 and D2.

Benefits of Vitamin D
The most talked about benefit of Vitamin D is that it helps with the absorption of calcium making our bones and teeth stronger. Lesser known benefits are that Vitamin D helps with the functioning of our immune system by increasing the action of the body’s T cells which fight off viruses. Vitamin D has also been linked to help prevent hypertension, autoimmune diseases and even cancer. A recent study in the UK showed that a high percentage of Breast Cancer patients are Vitamin D deficient. There is no link just yet proving that

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