Vive La Resistance

Resistance bands are a portable and affordable way to get the resistance training needed. Bands can be used in a gym, at home, in your office or even while travelling. Resistance band training will elevate your heart rate and build and tone your muscles.

Tips For Resistance Band Training
Circuit training with resistance bands will give you a full body workout without taking all day to do it. Short circuit interval training increases your heart rate to near maximum and keeps it there for a few minutes. This puts the necessary demand on your body to improve its oxygen absorption and distribution. By shortening your rest time in between intervals you can also improve your cardiovascular and muscular endurance. Focus on big muscle groups instead of isolated exercises for the best results.

When interval training, speed is important but remember your form. Proper form will give you the best results without causing injury. Once you have your form down you can work on increasing y

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