Volunteering can help you feel more positive about your own life. On one hand, by helping other in desperate situations you are able to count your blessings and see how luck you are to have what you have or live where you live. On the other hand, seeing the gratitude that those in need have for those who take the time to help them will make you feel good about yourself and your decision to give up some of your time, the most precious commodity, to help someone else. Generosity begets generosity, so by giving to other you will be encouraging them to give as well. It’s a way of paying it forward. Volunteering also shows those less fortunate that the world is still a good place and that people care.

Where to Start

Start small and do what you can. Even a little goes a long way for those in need. Help doesn’t always have to come from money either. Donations are great but a lot of times charities need workers. Giving your time can be more beneficial to the charity and t

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