Was your industry not listed?

sales force for equipment lease and financingNot to worry, we certainly place value in the equipment we finance but it is not the end all or be all of getting you the equipment you need. We place more value in the people who use the equipment than the equipment itself.

For 15 years we have provided lease financing for large companies all the way to start up businesses in almost all industries. Our long term vendor relationships ensure you are secured  the best lease terms available in today’s market.

All you need to get started is to fill out the application form(s) and send them back to us with the equipment quote. You will be approved within a business day, assuming the forms are complete and we have received all of the required information. Once you have been approved we will email you back the lease documents for signature. Assured will issue the PO to the vendor which will release the equipment to you. It’s just that easy. You can have your equipment onsite within days of submitted application.

We embrace the speed of technology as we truly understand how important it is for you to get the money you need when you need it. Like all business owners, you deserve access to money on your terms, which is right now and without the hassles. Our promise is that we will work to finding solutions to ensuring our mutual long term prosperity. I personally do business with people and companies that make it easy for me to do business with them. All I want is the highest quality at the best price. At Assured that is our goal!