What’s in Your Bag?

There is one disadvantage to using reusable bags when doing your shopping. How often have you washed your bags? Have you paid attention to what you’re putting in certain bags? Is there a chance of bacteria growth or cross contamination in your bags? Like me, you’ve probably been packing your grocery bags without considering any of these questions. It has been brought to my attention and should be brought to your attention that you could be making yourself and your family sick by not paying attention to what you’re doing when packing your groceries.

Some of the food that we put in our bags leak, spill or sweat onto the inside of the bag. Without being washed or cleaned regularly the bags become a breeding ground for bacteria. There is also the risk of cross contamination when you put meat, produce or other groceries in the same bag. A recent American study found that most bags will contain bugs, coliform bacteria and even E.coli.

It is important to wash your reusable bags regu

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