When a Friend Isn’t Good For You

When we are young we tend to lack criteria in our friend selection. At school age we will pick friends based on where they live or where they sit in class and less on their personality. We may even be forced to be friends with people because of what our parents say. Once we leave school and typically find out more about ourselves we are able to base our friendships on more points like personality, likes, morals and common interests.

The Good
At any age it’s important to be able to see the difference between good friends and bad friends. A good friend is someone you can trust and someone you can say anything to without fear of judgement. A true friend will be honest with you and realistic but will remain positive about your dreams and goals. They won’t put you down but will encourage you to be yourself and do your best. They will support you and help you. It’s not hard to find the right people but it helps if you look for the following in a friend:

  1. Someone who supports your

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