Willpower- The Key to Dealing With Difficult People

A run-away once dived into the deepest depth of the ocean floor hoping to evade all difficult, smart alecks on earth and vowed never to return on dry land. He found two underwater tunnels and stopped to decide which one to take. As he went for one, his thoughts told him, “Wrong choice, silly!” Not long after, there beneath the earth, he finally learned to live with the worst difficult person he has ever known – himself.
Here are some practical steps to develop the willpower to deal with difficult people.+

  1. You must like people. All people take all sorts of attitudes. Liking people is the first sure step to triumph. Avoiding them, especially the difficult ones, is a sure road to becoming difficult yourself. So the first natural thing to do is go out and meet people. Very soon, you will meet difficult people. Greet them and genially accept whatever reaction they give you. Don’t be discouraged but greet more of them regularly until you get used to them, and until your LOT skyrockets to

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