Winter Skincare

Skin care varies depending on the season. The products you use in the summer may not be suitable for your lifestyle in the winter. These tips can help you choose the proper skin care for your skin type and season but also remember that advise can be found at your local pharmacy or department store. When seeking advice from a skin care consultant try to find someone who deals with a variety of products instead of just one brand. Their advice will be less biased.

In the winter our skin becomes dry and dehydrated because of the cold temperatures outside and the heaters in our homes, offices and cars. Your winter activities could also be wreaking havoc on your skin. If you ski, walk or run outdoors or play a winter sport where you’re sweating in cold temperatures, you’ll need to protect your skin more.

Good quality, but not necessarily expensive, products will last you six months. If you time things right you’ll run out of your summer products just in time to purchase your winter

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