About Us

It is the goal of Assured Lease to see you as a company and person, access more money, sell more equipment,  grow your business, make more money, have more productive lives, where you have more time to do the things you want to do.Assured Lease wants to see more companies and people  acquire equipment, start a business, hire more employees, upgrade existing equipment, have more time with your families and lead more enriched and balanced lives.

Our President Bruce Ellemo, brings a long history of both extensive brokerage and underwriting expertise to our company. Bruce holds a degree in Economics from the University of Victoria in beautiful British Columbia. Bruce’s career began in Vancouver with long time friend and business associate David Nickel, where he undertook processing and selling high volumes of consumer leases through a small ticket broker into the consumer market.

We have been writing leases and answering the same lease questions for the past 18 years. We honestly believe that we do have all the leasing answers! The last 18 years has given us the opportunity to know what the wants and needs of our vendors and customers are, and that is what we base our focus on. Customizing the lease based on the needs of each individual company is our forte. We feel inclined and justified in saying that Assured Lease truly is a “One Stop Shop” for Canadian vendors and lessees alike.

The answer is resounding:

“We need a lease company that will give us the ability to do three things”, (basically):

1.  We will get our best customers the best possible interest rates and terms available in the industry.

2.  We will provide the best, sensible solutions for all of the other customers and fit their specific needs.

3.  We aim to treat each company with the respect they deserve, and be personable at the same time. Furthermore,  we aim to always be available, to be accountable, and to approve each deal with the best possible term that befits each specific profile. We relish in being swiftly efficient, and technologically advanced.

This is exactly what we have created and nurtured. Our unique relationship with Navigate Capital Corp. allows the best customers to receive “A” rates while allowing direct access to the some of the cheapest capital available in the country where there are no broker fees or hidden costs.

In the event that the customer does not fall into this “A” category, Assured Lease Corp. Inc. will directly fund the applicant’s newer or new businesses. In the event that the customer profile doesn’t fit either of these sources, Assured Lease will search the market for the best possible lease terms available for this customer. Regardless of each one’s specific situation, we have you covered and will get you the lease that will get your business well underway – the “Smart way”!