Visions and Values

No matter our responsibilities, our levels or age, what businesses we’re part of, or where we live and work, we all should know our own personal vision. We as a company have our own vision that we keep on the forefront of every business transaction we deal with. We want everyone on our team to have a clear line of sight between work and that vision. We believe we should all be passionate about living and share our values and successes with others. We would like Assured Lease to be known as one of the world’s great companies. We would like to be thought of as a “building-block” company that helps not only build communities, but also gives back to communities. This is not a task. This is a journey. Every journey has a destination. To reach it, we have an ambitious vision — that which is the character of our company in action:

“We want to satisfy all our customers’ leasing needs and help them succeed financially”.

Our vision of financially satisfied, successful customers is based on a simple, time-tested premise. This isn’t as easy as it sounds. If it were, it wouldn’t be a competitive advantage for us. There’s always a premium, however, on things that can’t be replicated. Our journey toward our vision has required persistence and determination and has resulted in steady progress for more than two decades. But we still have much to learn, teach, share and, as always, more of our customers’ financial needs to satisfy. Our job — central to our vision — is to make it easy for customers to bring us more of their business so we can satisfy all their financial needs. Our vision has nothing to do with transactions, pushing products or getting bigger for the sake of bigness. It’s about building lifelong relationships one customer at a time. Each of our customers defines “financial success” differently and very personally. This includes the desire for financial security and self-sufficiency.

There’s a difference between our vision and our results. We’re careful not to put the second ahead of the first. We never put the cart before the horse. This may sound odd to some, but we don’t believe our first job is to make a lot of money. Nowhere in our vision statement will you find “we want to make a lot of money.” Our first job is to understand our customers’ financial objectives, then offer them products and solutions to help satisfy those needs so they can be financially successful. If we do that right, then all sorts of good things happen for all our stakeholders including our shareholders.