Lease Process

The leasing process is really quite simple. After completing the lease application, the lease process will flow as outlined below.

  1. Fax, e-mail, call in, or submit your application on-line.
  2. Upon reviewing the information submitted, the application will be forwarded to our Credit Department.
  3. The average response time for approvals is within 1-2 business days.  Assured Lease Co. will notify the vendor (seller) and the lessee (buyer) with the credit decision.
  4. Upon receiving an approval, the vendor will issue an invoice or pro-forma invoice, so Assured can prepare documents. Documents take an average of 1 business day to prepare.
  5. Documents will be either faxed or emailed to the lessee for signing.
  6. We will then make arrangements to review and pick up the originals.
  7. Upon review of the completed document package, a Purchase Order (PO) will be issued to the vendor. The PO verifies that we have a deal.
  8. The equipment is delivered and installed.
  9. Assured Lease will contact you to ensure you are happy and satisfied with the equipment.
  10. Upon your satisfaction, payment for the equipment will be sent to the vendor.