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Leasing & How It Works

The Benefits of Leasing

What Leasing Can Do For You

With all the skill and expertise you’d expect from a specialist, our Leasing Financing programs will help you to meet the total needs of your business. Assured Lease offers a full complement of financial services including:

  • Lease financing for both New and Used Equipment
  • Flexible terms and payments (up to 72 mos. – subject to asset lifespan)
  • Variable & Seasonal Payment Streams
  • Credit lines
  • Equipment sale and leaseback
  • Life and disability protection
  • Asset protection

WE Are a Piece of the Puzzle

In an age where credit and speed are king and queen and when “right now” is only just fast enough, customers are looking for a simple, clean solution to their financial needs. At Assured, we understand your drive for success requires that we handle your lease transaction with limited interruption to your other business activities. Our business has evolved around the needs of our clients. It does not matter what size, age or shape the company is, they all lease and here is why:

Why You Should Lease

Tying up thousands of dollars to purchase equipment could cost more than you think.

The value of business equipment lies in using it–not owning it!

Primary Advantages of Leasing Equipment

100% Tax Deductible
Lease payments are usually a pre-tax operating expense and therefore are fully deductible (consult your CPA).

100% Financing
No large down payment is required to start a lease. Leasing puts the equipment to work for you immediately, at minimal up-front cost. Software, delivery, installation, freight, and sales tax can be included.

Preserves Capital and Credit Lines
Leasing keeps your capital sources available to meet needed short-term requirements. Conserve your cash and credit lines for important long-range plans such as expansion, improvements, and growth.

Minimized Risk of Obsolescence
When new generation of equipment becomes available, you will have the flexibility to upgrade or add-on. You are not faced with the burden of owning old or obsolete equipment.

Makes More Equipment Available
Since the monthly lease payment is a small portion of the total cost of the equipment, leasing allows you to obtain a greater amount of equipment for your business.

Your Choice of Lease Terms
Traditional 12, 24, 36, up to 60 months,

Specially Designed Lease Programs

  • We can tailor payments to match your seasonal cash flow.
  • Allow for lower first-year payments so that you can have state-of-the-art equipment now without first-year cash flow problems.

Flexible End-of-Lease Options
You may opt to: trade-up to new equipment at the end of the term; continue to rent the equipment, simply return equipment to lessor or option to keep the equipment if that is what is best for your business.

Get Yourself a Partner in the Leasing Business
At Assured, we are dedicated to giving our customers the experience that will keep them coming back.

When you refer a customer to Assured, you can be assured that they will receive the best service, enjoy the most productive experience and have the greatest chance of completing the transaction than with any other lease provider. We have built our business around this dedication to service excellence.

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