Leasing Programs for Equipment Vendors

Assured Lease is a sales organization that works closely in support of equipment dealers and manufacturers across the country. We provide our clients and customers with competitive lease rates, stable credit policies, and an unparalleled level of professional service. We have earned the consistent repeat business of more than one hundred of the nation’s finest and most reputable equipment dealers. We want to continue our growth by earning your trust and your leasing business.

Do You Sell Equipment?

If you sell capital equipment, software and other qualifying services to businesses anywhere in Canada, a working leasing program will have a positive impact on your bottom line.

We work directly with you, the equipment salesperson, to assist you in completing more sales, by providing:

1. A Quick and Easy Financing Solution
Assured Lease is a full-service financing solution for your customers.  We offer a non-structured process of approving credit where in most other lease company models, it either fits or it doesn’t.  Bottom line, we say yes more often! Our application process is simple we are fully technology-enabled to email documents that expedite the process at its most critical stage, the closing.

2. Leasing Sales Training
Our leasing sales training will help you close more business, increase transaction size, and qualify prospects.

3. Flexible Payment Options
Leasing structures can be tailored to cash flow. Payment options include seasonal payment skips, deferred payment, and step-up payment plans.

4. Creative Structuring
Before any lease application is submitted to a credit manager, your Assured Lease representative researches the transaction in order to better understand and overcome any potentially problematic information that could be a hindrance to getting the deal done. With other companies, most lease applications are declined because the credit manager does not understand the customer’s business, or past credit history. Not so, at Assured!

5. Customer Sales Assistance
An Assured representative is always available to provide assistance on customer sales calls to handle those critical negotiations.

6. Personalized Service
Just submit your prospect’s name and phone number and we do the rest. We want to make your job of selling equipment easier.

7. Knowledgeable Staff
Your questions will always be answered in a timely, full-service manner.

8. Experienced Management
Our President, Bruce Ellemo has over 18 years experience in assisting equipment salespeople in the field. We have seen almost every imaginable transaction, and have the experience to get the deals done. We “dig” hard to uncover information and create innovative solutions that can turn a difficult deal into an approved one. It is this experience that will guide your customer through a seamless lease process.

Like you, we are knowledgeable, quality salespeople. Our organization’s priority is to assist you in completing more sales and ensuring that our mutual client is happy with their equipment lease.

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